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Look Out!

Press Releases

Wizard Digital Merges with BrandStar

Miami Social Marketing Merges with Kreps PR, Becomes KrepsSocial

‘Military Makeover with Montel’ and Indiana Partner, Patrick Industries, Select Stupar Family from Michigan City, IN for its Next Makeover

Military Makeover with Montel Welcomes Global City Development as a Major Supporter of the Ziegler Family Home Makeover

Military Makeover with Montel in Partnership With Patrick Industries Is Heading To Indiana To Makeover The Home Of A Deserving Veteran

LA-based Roninfilm Partners with BrandStar to Form BrandStar Film

Competitive Edge Talk Show Hosted by Montel Williams Leads Innovative Slate of Offerings at BrandStar Sports & Entertainment

Rap legend and Home Makeover Expert Vanilla Ice Partners with BrandStar Studios to Launch “The Vanilla Ice Home Show”

Soon to Air New Morning Lifestyle Show BELatina Introduces Hosts Dr. Karent Sierra and Chef James Tahhan

Kristen Rose Agency in Palm Beach Merges with Kreps PR

BrandStar Studios Invests Millions in Technology and Equipment to Provide Virtual Production, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Capabilities in Real-Time

Military Makeover with Montel Launches Michael Daniels Home Makeover

BrandStar Launches Sports & Entertainment Division Providing Marketing and Branding for Athletes and Celebrities, along with Montel Williams-Hosted Television Show

BELatina Merges with BrandStar

BrandStar Takes Home 2021 Telly Awards

Kreps PR Merges with BrandStar

Digital Marketing Expert Todd Paton Releases a New Book on Navigating the Complex Digital Marketing Arena

BrandStar Announces NextGen Website Launch

BrandStar Named Advertising Agency of Record for Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation

Maximizing Branded Entertainment Opportunities

GRUP MEDIAPRO, BrandStar Studios sign a multi-year agreement to offer state-of the-art virtual production at new studio in Miami-Dade County

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