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How to Know if “Branded Entertainment” is Right for Your Business

What is Branded Entertainment?

Branded entertainment is a unique way to tell the story of your service or product. It enables you to create a stronger bond between your brand and your target audience. Companies around the world create narratives that evoke an emotional connection to their image. Consumers see a more humanized version of the brand and are drawn to it because of how this content makes them feel.

Examples of branded content include recipe videos produced by different food companies, natural beauty campaigns sponsored by female products, or even The Lego Movie. Branded entertainment is produced through media like podcasts, videos, and influencer social media posts. At BrandStar, we use our shows that air on Lifetime and Fox Business Channel for branded entertainment. We frequently dedicate segments to specific products so that brands can reach their customers through a medium other than traditional advertising.

Sticky Fingers Barbecue sauce was featured on The Balancing Act. This is an example of how BrandStar uses “Branded entertainment” in our shows.

How can Branded Entertainment Help?

So, what are the benefits of branded entertainment? Well, numbers talk, and here is what they say:

According to a study done by Forbes and Syracuse University,

brand recall for branded content is 59% higher than display ads,
brand favorability for branded content is 7% higher than display ads,
and purchase consideration for branded content is 9% higher than display ads.
Consumers relate to products that create a human image. Any company can use this tactic to reach out to its audience. The goal for this version of advertising is not sales but rather brand connection. The videos don’t always go viral, but they are impactful. Branded entertainment helps companies become household names in today’s day and age.

To begin a branded entertainment strategy, the first few steps are familiar: what is your purpose? Who is your target audience? What voice will they listen to? From there, things change. Instead of using keywords that will resonate in their wallet, create a narrative that will pull at their heartstrings. The standard high school English class lesson on ethos, pathos and logos is crucial here. How do you credibly and practically evoke emotions in the hearts and minds of your consumer?

Tailoring to Your Needs

Of course, the answer to all these questions depends on the culture of your business. Are you a mom-and-pop shop? Create content that tells the story of how the owners started their life in the business. Are you a local service that spends time helping your community? Film a project from start to finish of your company helping someone in need that shows the quality and care of your work. Branded entertainment can be used for any company when the purpose behind it begins with creativity rather than consumerism. Like all marketing, branded entertainment requires a significant portion of your budget, but the benefits of creating a narrative for your brand often outweigh the costs.


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