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For Creative Agencies, Trust + Teamwork = Amazing Stories

Creative Freedom Leads to Enduring Partnerships

At BrandStar, we’re putting more focus on cultivating enduring partnerships with brands than on making one-off sales. In the process, we seek to break away from the methodical “sameness” employed by many of today’s creative agencies.

We are investing trust in our team to produce great work instead of requiring them to follow a rigid template. The same principle applies to our clients. We collaborate with them, get them excited about our vision and build mutual trust.

We’re actively seeking to establish long-term partnerships with companies across a wide range of industries. At the same time, we’re working to foster strategic thinking organically by giving our team the freedom to explore their creative capabilities.

Aiming Higher

So how do we accomplish this?

We want people who are excited to come to work, motivated to produce consistently excellent programming. People who want to raise the bar a little bit higher every day. We’re encouraging friendly challenges among writers, producers and editors to outdo their colleagues. When passion drives a project, it’s reflected in the quality of the work. The benefits of producing superior work are twofold. Firstly, pride is fostered within the company, and second, clients quickly take notice.

Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. When it comes to content quality, I strive to over-deliver, rather than just doing the minimum to satisfy our contract. When you put your heart and soul into developing a storyline, it shows. As creative minds, our integrity should never be compromised as we strive to deliver compelling content that educates, enlightens and entertains.

With our diverse range of services and team, we get our entire company on the same page in order to tell an interesting story. By working to weave brands seamlessly into thought-provoking storylines, we’re creating programming that checks two boxes. Firstly, we stimulate viewers and second, we satisfy the needs of our brand partners.

We listen to new clients and ask for their opinions and advice. We also want to anticipate a client’s needs before they know they have them, rather than simply carrying out their requests to the letter. When you prove that you are more attuned to their business needs than they are, you earn their trust.

Working Together to Make Clients Happy

A perfect example of this process happened a few days ago. We were filming a segment featuring a brand partner for one of the TV shows we produce. A colleague from another department, who had done plenty of research on our partner’s company, came over to the studio, The two of us chatted with the company’s representative and quickly came up with some creative ideas. Once he expressed interest, we offered to pitch it to his boss. We really didn’t have to sell the idea too hard—the boss loved it and bought two additional videos on the spot.

Going the extra mile is helping us build lasting relationships with our brand partners as we narrate their untold stories. And it all starts with trust and teamwork.

From BrandStar Studios.


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