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Inbox Fitness® - where every body fits - is a premium active lifestyle brand.

Inbox Fitness is a leading e-retailer of health and fitness products, including nutritional supplements, exercise equipment, fitness apparel, healthy home and kitchen items. Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Yahoo! Finance, and CNBC, as one of America's fastest growing retailers, Inbox Fitness is dedicated to bringing health and fitness to every corner of your life. Inbox Fitness is a BrandStar Company.

Inbox Fitness is dedicated to helping our community discover the best ways to get fit, have fun, and achieve their goals. Our experts are constantly seeking out the most effective new exercise equipment, nutrition products, and healthy items for your home and active lifestyle. At Inbox Fitness, it's our mission to bring health and fitness to every corner of your life.

We're athletes and innovators who push the boundaries of personal and professional development, both at work and in the gym. We connect visionary companies and leading-edge product makers with fitness enthusiasts of every level. At Inbox Fitness, everyone looking to reach new fitness goals — from beginners to professional athletes — can discover the best and most effective products in the world.

Inbox Fitness TV is a fast-paced, unique interactive experience coming soon to the Lifetime Network, BrandStarTV and BrandStream OTT platforms! Tune in, find the perfect products, and join this fitness revolution!

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