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iLab provides design thinking, brand strategy, engineering and acceleration to companies focused on achieving breakthrough performance and exponential growth.

iLab is a center of excellence that provides design, brand engineering and acceleration for exponential growth through discovery and innovation workshops, design thinking, creative presentations and business modeling powered by technology.

iLab is strategically positioned as an “on-ramp” into a broader/deeper/wider journey and partnership-relationship with BrandStar. We lead brand conversations with an innovation workshop and then architect solutions for our clients that may or may not be solved by any of the divisions within the BrandStar family of companies-it’s the clients choice.

It’s a great way to not “sell” the products or services within our ecosystem but instead “present” them organically in the context of a conversation (not a script) as a passive offering. Clients expect and appreciate options and it’s a powerful “give to get” strategy that starts with providing a discovery report and business roadmap (sometimes at no charge as our investment) that has great value. Whether we close the business deal today or tomorrow, all parties win.

This is an unconventional and disruptive approach to traditional business engagement and development that resonates well with clients and prospects alike-one that is value-based, consultative and collaborative versus transactionally based and sales focused.


Sizzle Reel

Slone Partners CIM Deck

Adam Slone came to iLab with a specific goal. After 23 years, it was time to exit at the highest multiple possible. This required not only impressive financial performance but a visual language and narrative that articulated the value proposition of the company as a premium asset. After completing our innovation workshop, we delivered a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) and Brand Essence Video (BEV) that literally changed people’s lives.

Vitor Belfort Branding + Swag

Defining what’s next for a former MMA superstar is both an honor and a privilege. Vítor Belfort, a Brazilian mixed martial artist legend, engaged iLab to help him reinvent himself. We invested time, talent, and treasure into creating a world-class active lifestyle brand for a world-class athlete. From a logo mark to a brand identity system, from powerful messaging to apparel, accessories, and merchandise, we translated a passion project into a legacy.

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