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Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (CSSE) and BrandStar have formed a strategic partnership as co-production/co-development venture to positively impact viewers lives by offering valuable educational and informative content solutions through brand integrations and performance-based marketing. BrandStar is a perfect fit for this co-production strategy as CSSE will be able to distribute BrandStar's Original content in exchange for BrandStar selling more integrations into their programming reducing the cost of production by utilizing the extensive list of BrandStar’s B2B clients and participants.

Since 1993, Chicken Soup for the Soul has been a socially conscious company that combines storytelling with making the world a better place. They began by being as inclusive as possible in the pages of their books, publishing stories by people of all faiths, nationalities, ethnicities, sexual orientation and gender identities.

They now provide entertainment, inspiration and wellness across many network, cable and digital platforms including their Crackle OTT network. In addition to their books, they concept, produce, publish and distribute TV, movies, video programming; podcasting; positive journalism; and even pet food.

CSSE continues to tell the stories of all people through their efforts, always with an eye to furthering unity and understanding, and an appreciation for their differences.

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