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BrandStar Tech (BT) takes a design-first approach to providing tech-enabled solutions through innovation for the world’s most complex and challenging problems. We help organizations and their teams think bigger, work smarter and move faster through technology made simple. We are a unique and strategically orchestrated mash-up of solutions architects, design thinkers and creative technologists committed to delivering a suite of ideation, incubation, acceleration and post acceleration engineered products and services to a variety of companies in many different industry sectors with the common goal of breakthrough performance and rapid growth. BrandStar Tech leverages the advancements in technology coupled with world-class design and content production to help organizations innovate their brand story, market position and operations by value engineering their customer experience, processes and workflows to accelerate conversion and optimize investments in infrastructure and human capital. By developing sustainable competitive advantages for our client partners, we position them to attain world-class performance and exponential growth by creating maximum operational efficiencies that generate the greatest rate of return on investment-every time.


Sizzle Reel

BrandStar Website

The goal was to define and deliver our brand story in a fresh and innovative digital experience. The theme of “better together” unites 35 brand badges and 17 operating divisions in a common voice of connecting people to brands to do life better. This exchange, paired with an intentional design narrative and promise to help brands grow-fast, created the framework for a bold, timeless and scalable website with a modern user interface.

Celebrate Jesus Christmas Spectacular

  • Helping brands grow fast by connecting people to brands to do life better and make a positive impact on people’s lives is more than a mission, vision and purpose. It’s a lifestyle. We live it out with world-changers like Pre-Born! doing world-changing projects like the 2021 Christmas Spectacular, a virtual musical that we live streamed from our xR (Mixed Reality) stage and LED Volume that included headliners Danny Gokee and Jordan Smith.

Dania Pointe Website

Kimco Realty Corporation wanted to create a consumer facing, engaging website for their signature Dania Pointe property that offered seamless navigation between page sections and topics, a beautiful and distinct aesthetic, an interactive map and a modern user interface and dev tech stack. The primary objectives of the website were to promote the Dania Pointe brand and the signature South Florida lifestyle, simply and elegantly. Mission accomplished.

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